Garage Door Repair & Installation in Kennesaw

When you need your new garage door perfectly installed, and at a great price too, then be sure to call on the Kennesaw, Georgia experts who do these installations best - Garage Repair Kennesaw.

Our family-owned company has been providing safe and cost-effective home garage door installation to local residents for over 20 years. We take all the tediousness and danger out of having your new garage door installed, so that you can go about your daily business sooner, and more conveniently.

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Did you know that the typical home garage door weighs several hundred pounds? Did you know that each garage door ensemble consists of over a hundred different parts? As daunting as these figures are, many people try and do their own installation in an effort to save a few dollars. An installation job like this is time consuming, inconvenient and downright dangerous. Why risk any of this, when seasoned garage door technicians like the ones we have at Garage Repair Kennesaw can do the work safely, at affordable rates, and on your time schedule?

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When you have the friendly professionals here at Garage Repair Kennesaw install your new home garage door, you are assured of getting the very best door installed at just the right price, too. Our company doesn't do things halfway - we assist you from start to finish, so that nothing is left to chance:

  • Garage door material selection - choose from wood, steel, wood composites, fiberglass, or vinyl doors.
  • Garage door style selection - dozens of styles to pick from including Contemporary, Craftsman, Tudor, Old World, and Custom.
  • Garage door options - get windows, insulation packages, colors, sizes and other choices.
  • Garage door installation times - what convenient time slot works best for you? Consider it done!
  • Garage door performance and safety checks - we don't leave your home until all works as it should.

Garage Repair Kennesaw leaves nothing to chance - call us today, and get a free estimate, or have any of your questions answered. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start enjoying your new garage door!

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