Kennesaw Garage Door Spring Repair

Does your home's garage door hang lop-sided when open?

Is your car stuck inside your garage, and the door won't open even though you can hear the opener motor running?

Did you try and open your garage door today, and hear lots of loud pops and banging noises?

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No, your garage is not haunted! You have one or more broken garage door springs that need replacement before you can start enjoying normal garage door opening, and closing again.

Fortunately, Garage Repair Kennesaw has a highly specialized and well-trained unit of spring repair and replacement technicians who can do safe and affordable service on your garage door springs. We offer guaranteed work performance, 24-hour emergency springs assistance, and fast response times, too.

Are there other indicators that signal broken or damaged garage door springs? Here are the four main signs that you have incurred springs damage:

  • Your garage door begins to rise; only to suddenly fall back down
  • Your garage door hangs tilted, and looks like it is about to fall down
  • Your garage door will not operate at all (even though the opener motor continues to run)
  • You hear loud noises and bangs when you try and operate your garage door

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Again, call Garage Repair Kennesaw if any of these indicators are present. We will respond quickly, and be able to tell you if your springs can be repaired, or if they must be replaced, instead.

Please do NOT attempt garage door spring repair or replacement on your own. Untrained homeowners lacking experience and the proper tools are injured every year by attempting to perform service on their garage door springs.

Garage Door Repairs Kennesaw recommends that you call us instead. Our technicians take all of the stress, danger and hassle out of trying to service your springs. Best of all, we are affordable, so you wind up saving money anyway!

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