Kennesaw Garage Door Repair - Opener Installation

When the time comes to have your home's garage door opener system replaced, be sure to get professional installation from Garage Repair Kennesaw for your new unit. Our family-owned company has been providing safe and very affordable garage door opener systems and installation for over 20 years. We offer convenient installation appointment times, great prices, friendly service, and the largest selection of residential garage door openers on the market.

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We often get calls at our office asking if Garage Repair Kennesaw can install certain models of garage door openers. The answer is yes - we market, install and service every type and model of garage door openers on the market today.

The main four garage door opener model types have something for everyone. Each has different characteristics, options and upgrades. They include:

  • Screw drive opener models
  • Jackshaft opener models
  • Chain drive opener models
  • Belt drive opener models

When you call our Kennesaw Garage Door office, we will go over the unique attributes of each type, so that you can better choose a model to fit your particular needs.

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A properly maintained, garage door opener will last about 15 years with regular usage. If your unit is newer, and not working properly, you may be needing repair work instead of replacement.

On the other hand, if any of these indicators are present, you probably need full replacement:

  • Your opener unit is older than 15 years; even if it still works, it is only a matter of time.......
  • Your opener unit lack photoelectric eyes
  • Your opener unit has been recalled by the original manufacturer
  • Nothing is wrong with your opener, but you want to replace it with a better model
  • Your opener unit is working erratically and making loud and unusual noises

Garage Repair Kennesaw offers the best selection of garage door openers on the market, affordable rates, safe and convenient installation and friendly service. We think that pretty much says it all!

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